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Enell Sports bras

The Enell sports bras, Inc is a USA based sports bra manufacturer has been established since the middle of the 90's. Based in Montana The brand was born because the founder was unable to find a sports bra that kept her supported while enjoying her favorite pastime of volleyball. While completing her research she discovered that there was a gap in the market for bras for the active fuller figure lady. The brand developed and through her knowledge for many fitness areas it has become a favorite with sportswomen in all sports including the more higher impact sports like, aerobics, running, horse riding, triathlon and cross-fit. Available in several colors and sizes that range from a 32-60 size.

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  • Enell Soft cup Sports Bra, White

    The Enell Lite soft cup sports bra in white is the new style from the ever popular brand, that is impressive for wome...

  • Enell Soft cup Sports Bra, Black

    Enell Softcup Sports Bra's popularity continues to rise with the Enell soft cup sports bra in Black, purposefully des...


2 Item(s)

The Enell sports bra range is a very secure product that keeps your breasts safe by using high compression to remove the chance of bounce or movement, The bra is so effective it is used not just for sports but in many other areas. This bra is used for work by many active job roles including Police officers, Ems and fire fighters where you require complete support for longer periods of time. This brand is also a favorite within the medical profession and is suitable for breast argumentation, breast reconstruction and ladies that require physical therapy, This is due to the high performance compression fitting that reduces the bounce you would expect while remaining comfortable. The range may be small with 2 main design but they cover you whatever your preferred activity. The is the maximum compression and support of the regular product that is specifically for the more rigorous of leisure activities. Enell are one of the few brands that use the front opening sports bra design. The easy to use front hook and eye enable you to get in and out without the struggle of rear fastenings. The styling is not describe as the most beautiful with its high front but the practical use and impressive support and comfort means it is a stable for high impact sportswomen. The Enell Lite is the lower impact version that retains the front fastening sports bra styling. The softer fabrics will keep you secure but the target market for this item is the mid to lower versions of activities. Still using compression technology and power mesh the 'lite' will reduce movement. The 'lite' version is comfortable enough that some of our customers will use in there everyday life.
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