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Sports bra

Many women do not understand the importance of wearing a supportive sports bras and sportswear when exercising, this includes any exercise from walking to running to horse riding. All these sports create impact whether it is high impact like running, jumping or horse riding or lower impact like walking or yoga, a sports bra is a must. Many people invest in quality workout wear including expensive trainers and gym wear, but surprisingly there is still a high percentage of women that exercise regularly without a sports bra. The reason a good quality sports bra is so important is the breast has no muscle so when you exercise your are putting strain on the coopers ligament, this ligament is much like a rubber band the more pressure you put on it the more it will stretch. This causes long term sagging which cannot be reversed. Investing in a good quality sports bra can help to prevent the sagging and the discomfort that can be caused by not wearing a sports bra. There are differing types of sports bra support, so depending on what type of bra suits you best you can choose the type of support. There is the compression type sports bra which compress the breasts against the chest wall to restrict movement. The most popular types of sports bras are the encapsulation bras which use individual cups to surround the breast and support each breast individually there is no compression this type of bra suits D cups and upwards. An example of the compression style supports bra would be the Shock Absorber Maximum support 4490 which is a crop top style sports bra. An example of an encapsulation sports bra is the Freya Active Moulded Sports bra which has individual cups. Depending on what kind of exercise you are doing it may be necessary to have several different types of sports bras we have a sports bra to suit. It has become popular to choose sports bras with underwires these wires tend to be flexi-wires which moves with your body and helps to increase the level of support. All sports bras have moisture wicking material which is specially designed to move moisture away from the body and keep you more comfortable whilst working out.

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  • The Fit Fully Yours Pauline Underwire Sports Bra, Black / Grey is a very competent and comfortable sports bra that is...

  • The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra in Pomegranate is a great choice if you are looking to remove the bounce from...

  • The Freya Sonic Active Underwire Moulded Sports Bra in Carbon Grey has great pedigree with its vast history all ...

  • The Freya Active Epic Underwire Crop Top and Molded Sports Bra in Carbon Grey is great for those high impac...

  • The Freya Active Epic Underwire Crop Top and Molded Sports Bra in Electric Black is a freya best seller and...

  • The Freya Sonic Active Underwire Moulded Sports Bra in Hot Crimson has great pedigree with its vast history all with ...

  • The Freya Sonic Active Underwire Moulded Sports Bra in Storm black uses it's long standing history is lingerie manufa...

  • The Freya Sonic Active Underwire Moulded Sports Bra in Nude  has the quality to support you during your high imp...

  • The high peformance Sportjock Action Sports Bra in Caribbean Blue is a very supportive sports bra. The design gives g...

  • The amazing Sportjock Action Sports Bra in Fuschia is a vibrant high impact sports bra. With great development of the...

  • With functional styling the Sportjock Action Sport Bra in White is sporty looking. The action bra can be used as an o...

  • The Enell Lite soft cup sports bra in white is the new style from the ever popular brand, that is impressive for wome...


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Get active with the best Sport wear from the biggest brands at Get Bras. Offering tested and scrutinized Sports Bras to get the highest performance support to the bust whatever physical exercise you are doing. At Get Bras we offer the highest standard of Sportswear which have been awarded the top prizes for their performance by a range of different sports associations. We offer different styles and brands that are carefully select to give you the confidence to enjoy any workouts you enjoy. Whether you enjoy a relaxing yoga session or prefer a jog in the park, we have a product that will give you both comfort and control. Sports bras are not only to be used for exerting yourself, most doctors recommend the use of a good bra to help with Neck,Back and Shoulder pain. They are also recommended for post surgery use as they hold you secure, which helps speed up your recovery. We recommend products from Freya, ShockAbsorber and Anita and have all sizes available for immediate delivery

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