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Fantasie Boyshort Panties

Fantasie Boyshort Panties has a full range of styles to suit all shapes and sizes from low, medium to high rise in luxuriously gorgeous fabrics. Fantasie Boyshort Panties have been designed to offer full rear coverage and wider side panels for a comfortable fit for everyday wear, with elegant styles and designs to make you feel beautiful and confident. The exquisite pattern and prints in soft feminine colors and tones. Take a look at the full Fantasie Lingerie collection from Get Bras for Fantasie Bras, Bodies, Panties and Thongs.

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  • Fantasie Allegra Hipster Panties, Silver

    The staggering Fantasie Allegra Hipster Panties, Silver are both exquisite and comfortable. The soft and gentle ...

  • Fantasie Ivana Panties, Oyster

    The Fantasie Ivana Panties in Oyster gives a beautiful, ladylike styling that includes delicate Swiss embroidered lac...

  • Fantasie Monica Boyshort, Ivory

    The Fantasie Monica Boyshort in Ivory is a wonderful combination of Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue floral which cr...

  • Fantasie Marianna Boyshort, Silver

    The Fantasie Marianna Boyshort in Silver has a superior look and feel with a delicate floral lace detailing...

  • Fantasie Marianna Boyshort, Magenta

    The Fantasie Marianna Boyshort gives elegance with the combination of a deep Magenta color across the full Boyshorts ...

  • Fantasie Lois Boyshort, Red

    Coming soon.The Fantasie Lois Boyshort features elegant pinstripes across a Bright Red base across the soft handle fa...

  • Fantasie Alicia Boyshort, Blossom

    The Fantasie Alicia Boyshort gives a sufficient coverage to the rear, hips and waistline decorated with a gorgeous fl...

  • Fantasie Alex Boyshort, White

    The Fantasie Alex Boyshort in White is a true flash back to the roaring twenties, with the delightful fan inspired ge...

  • Fantasie Rebecca Mirage Boyshort, Blush

    The Fantasie Rebecca Mirage Boyshort in Blush is a cute and flirtatious choice, with the elegant floral print decorat...

  • Fantasie Jacqueline Boyshort, Nude

    The Fantasie Natalie Boyshort in Nude is a simply elegant choice for any occasion, with the geometric Swiss floral em...

  • Fantasie Natalie Boyshort, Samba

    The Fantasie Natalie Boyshort in Samba is a truly beautiful piece to add to any collection, with the bold muted anima...


Items 1 to 12 of 53 total

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