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American breast care bras

American Breast Care bras are part of the offering from the brand that is proud of it's US heritage. American breast care or ABC, manufacture all there products in america to ensure they meet the high qualities you require. ABC supply many products as part of their collection, these include mastectomy bras, post surgery bras, Prosthesis, Bust covers, Bra extenders and bras straps. With long standing expert knowledge ABC have also started a traing system for it's distributors and retailers to ensure that everyone gets the best possible fit and product available. 

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  • The American Breast Care Lace front bra in Beige is a lace finished bra from the basic bra line from ABC. The po...

  • The American Breast Care Lace front bra in Pink is the new addition to the very popular ABC lace front collectio...

  • The American Breast Care Lace front bra in Black forms part of the longstanding basic collection from ABC. The l...

  • The American Breast Care Lace front bra in White is part of the ever popular basic collection from ABC. The lace fron...


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American breast care bras and swimwear have continued to develop since it's inception in 2003. With the design and manufacturing in house the brand first produced a breast form to the breast care community. With further development over the following years they have expanded there product range to include swimwear and accessories. The bras and swimwear produced comes with internal pockets to allow you to secure a prothesis inplace without the chance of movement. With excellence in education they have provided mastectomy fitters with a wealth of knowledge to ensure that all of there products are fitted correctly. We are happy to help with any information or advice do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best you help you get the best advice possible.

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