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Braza lead the market in lingerie accessories, a market that continues to grow year on year with more imaginative solutions to problems associated with lingerie. The full company title is brazabra Corporation that is based in Massachusetts in the USA. Holding an impressive array of designs and patients Braza continue to specialize in appearance improving items associated with swimwear and lingerie. The wide selection of products started with their Stick on bra but now extends much further , some of the items include, to Sew in cups, backless bra, bra extenders, fashion tapes and silicone swim shapers.

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  • Braza Flash Tape With Dispenser

    Braza Flash Tape will change the way you look at clothes, The double sided tape is perfect for securing that beautifu...


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Braza has excelled in the development of lingerie accessories. One of the signature products is the Flash tape or Fashion tape which is used to attach loose fitting clothes in place it can also be used to control a dress with a plunging necklines, saving your modesty. The ever popular Braza replacement straps help you change your favorite bra for special occasions, you can change your black straps for clean clear set or change the standard straps for wider version to give you more support and comfort. They not only solve issues with bras and swimwear but also help extend your products life span, using a lingerie wash bag while cleaning your bras can increase the lifespan of your favorite bra, using a bra travel case can protect your loved molded bra from being crushed during transportation.

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