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Bijou Indiscrets

Bijou Indiscrets understand that love makes the world go round. With wonderful products that uses ingredients that are natural and great for your skin. The range for products from Bijoux indiscrets cosmetics will leave feeling rejuvenated and are great for your skin. Using ingredients such as Shea butter, Aloe, Soya Oil, and vitamin E they produce oils and lotions that are intended to be kissable aand non sticky.


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Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in 2006 in Spain, with the plan to provide intimate accessories and cosmetics to the women of the world. Developing a collection of products from a garage start-up to a international company The range includes the following Massage candles, that when lit turns from a flame into a soft melted massage oil. The massage oils are scented with beautiful aromas like, coconut, almond and chocolate. Massage oils and gels that are perfect for a romantic evening, There are also a range of perfumed to increase the hit to the senses. Check out the full range of products here.

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