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Amoena Lingerie has been in existence for over 40 years and was founded with the ethos of helping women world wide. A specialist in the breast care industry Amoena has established it's self with a wide collection of products these include, Mastectomy bras, post surgery bras, Mastectomy swimwear, breast forms, recovery care and clothing. Focusing on the development of breast form in the 1970's the brand quickly produced a silicone prosthesis with a more natural feeling. The development of the silicone prosthesis continued and development has always been a prominent focus for the Amoena brand. The brand eventually opened a U.S arm of the company in the earlier 1980's to help distribute their products across America. The company and soon became very popular and with an extensive range of Bras that include their pocket system, they have everyday pocketed bras, non wired pocketed bras, underwire pocketed bras and beautiful crafted pocket bras. Adding to there collections they have developed a range of pocketed swimwear and pocketed swimsuits that will will make you feel more confident while relaxing by the pool or on the beach. 


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Amoena mastectomy bras was one of the founding developers of the Silicone breast form that we know today, from the early 1980's in Germany to a world wide distributor of breast health care products they continue to be recognized as a market leader. The excellent high quality products are continued to be developed by the in house experts, doctors and surgeons who use there long knowledge and experience to improve there products. Amoena has a long standing program to complete wear test to ensure that the items produced are effective and comfortable.

If you require any more information on Amoena products or any breast care or Mastectomy products do not hesitate to contact us.

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