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Lingerie and Swimwear care is essential to increase the life of your favorite item. With delicate fabrics it can be important to use the best possible detergents that will extend the life of your great fitting bra. Fabrics are only as good as the care that we give them, using harsh chemicals with reduce the life of you underwear be attacking the fabrics. With lace , silks and foam padding most lingerie items are fragile if treated like a pair of jeans. Products like Soak are also manufactured to to be friendly to the environment and your skin. You would not dream of putting you jeans in a dryer in-case the shrink, so it's advised to do the same with your lingerie.

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  • The Forever New Granular Fabric Care Wash 32 oz. Original Scent is a powdered wash that has been formulated to offer ...

  • The Forever New Granular Fabric Care Wash 8 oz. Original Scent is a powdered wash that has been formulated to offer a...


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With items that are beautiful and Lacey, it is impossible to use the standard heavy machine cycle and an off the shelf detergent. Equally Swimwear is also prone to more damage if not treated with proper care. Chemicals in the water like chlorine or salt and sweat can attack the fabric over time and reduce the life expectancy unless cleaned with the correct products after use. While it can be impossible to remove chemicals like chlorine from the fabric completely using a specialized detergent will improve the chance of your suit being usable on your next vacation. Using a sensitive fabric detergent can also help improve the lifespan of sportswear and gym wear. Exercising will release sweat that over time can break down fabrics unless cleaned properly, using a good lingerie detergent will help your yogawear last longer and smell fresher. if you would like any further information on lingerie wash do not hesitate to contact our fully trainer bra fitting experts.
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